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Aurumtech Sd.Kfz. Puma MKII by milomike
Aurumtech Sd.Kfz. Puma MKII
The Second, new model of the Puma.

Chassis Data:
-90 mm AT-505 inner hull.
-100 mm AT-505 outer hull.
-75 mm of AT-505 spaced armour.
- octagon shaped hull.
-Fully amphibious, will resist pressures up to 5 bar.

-10 cylinder, hydrogen-diesel flat engine, 1500 HP, 2450 Nm, 5000 rpm.
-7 speed transmission, delivering power to all 8 wheels, 5 forward, one reverse, one overload bi-directional.
-Eight wheel steering, Belleville washer suspension.
-AT-505 moulded wheels with AT-505 grousers around them
-Battery and electric engine system, 400 hp.

Defensive Systems:
-Hard-kill system, tesla coil.
-ADS System.
-Shock system.
-NBC protection.

Special Systems:
-Hydraulic rammer system, adaptable for mine clearing, plowing, and structure demolition
-Mounting rack for external ERA/Shrapnel charges

Specifications for different Models
Ausf. A:
-light turret, 100 mm front, 75 sides, 80 rear, 40 mm automatic rail cannon, 20 mm A-HWS.
- Driver, Commander, Gunner, Radio operator.
- 5 troops in the back.

Ausf. B:
-Heavy turret, 88 mm semi automatic railgun, 60 round magazine, four launcher tubes for the use of anti-structure missiles, 15 mm and 20 mm A-HWS.
-Driver, Commander, Gunner, Radio operator, Assistant gunner.
-two troops in the back, usually sappers, machinegunners, snipers or other specialized role troops.

Ausf. C:
-remote controlled 15 mm A-HWS
-Commander, Driver, Machinegunner, Radio operator
-10 troops inside.
Puma S by milomike
Puma S
A prototype version of the Puma MKII, customizable to serious extents.
Thank you all for the favs and views, really appreciated, and it's easier to know what kind of stuff DA likes
Aurumtech T-182 by milomike
Aurumtech T-182
The Second Delivery of Aurumtech to Slavic countries, designed for mass production, simplicity and ruggedness with modern commodities and technology.

-Moulded AT-505
-175 mm front, @ 15 degrees
-110 mm sides @ 45 degrees + 20 mm spaced armour @ 90 degrees
-150 mm rear @ 60 degrees
-100 mm bottom, V shaped @ 15 degrees.
-100 mm top, @ 0 degrees.
-50 mm side skirts @ 90 degrees, 100 mm from hull.
-20 mm thick inner hull around Engine, Fighting and Driver's compartment, 50 mm from the hull, with spall liner filling in between.


-Moulded AT-505
-150 mm front, curved varying from 30-45 degrees, main structure.
-125 mm sides, curved varying 45-60 degrees, main structure.
-100 mm rear, curved, varying 60-90 degrees, main structure.
-50 mm rear @ 90 degrees, turret bustle rear.
-100 mm sides @ 45 degrees, turret bustle sides
-50 mm between turret bustle and main structure.
-20 mm thick inner hull around radio sets, ammunition storages, and main turret structure.
-90 mm top v shaped @ 5 degrees.
-100 mm thick front plate, curved from 15-45 degrees
-75 mm thick side plates, curved from 60-65 degrees, spaced 50 mm from turret with spall liner in-between.


-one, flat 14 cylinder multi fuel engine, 1500 hp, 4500 NM torque @ 5000 rpm
- two, 220 volt, 500 hp each electric motors.
- 6 speed heavy duty gear box, 4 forward, 1 backwards, 1 bi-directional load gear.
-Belleville washer-hydraulic suspension.
- 6 Moulded AT-505 road wheels.
- 3 moulded AT-505 return rollers.
- Moulded AT-505 drive sprocket and tensor wheel
- Forget AT-505 single pin semi-live tracks
-Max speed 80 km/h on road, 65 km/h off road, 20 km underwater (30 min maximum).


-one, 130 mm high power short rail system gun (the rails only travel the length of the barrel within the turret, the rest is regular smoothbore barrel), ammunition available: APSDS; HE-F-I (airburst or internal burst), LRAT and LRAS Missiles.
-one Aurumtech HWS 15, AA mount  for commander use.
-two Aurumtech HWS 20, one coaxial to the gun, one in AA mount for loader use.
-Active denial system
-Hard-kill tesla coil system.


-2 AIs, one for gunnery and navigation, one for tactics and strategy


-1 high frequency radio
-1 Satellite radio
-1 Low Frequency radio
-Thermal and nocturnal vision.
-Radar and Sonar.
-Thermoadaptive and photoadaptive camouflage
-full NBC protection
-Boiling vessel
-Heating and cooling systems, from 80 degrees Celsius to -40 degrees Celsius
-comfortable enough to sleep inside


-2.90 m tall
- 7.25 m long
- 4.10 m wide
Britannia Class Ship by milomike
Britannia Class Ship
The Second deliver of Aurumtech Britain to the Royal Navy, fitted for battle and conquer mainly with decent colonizing capabilities.

80 km Long
45 km wide
30 km tall

Tonnage: 55,800 tera-tons (long Scale)

The Features:
-7.5 km thick armour all round, plus 5 km in critical places and a 2.5 km thick armoured belt, mostly AT-505, Steel, Aluminium, Kevlar and graphene.
-Magnetic shielding.

-5 Fission hydrogen-ununoctium reactors.
-6 Fusion uranium-plutonium reactors.
-14 Solar farms.
-10 Stirling engine power plants.
-1 Thermonuclear energy absorption device (TEAD, placed at the bow, it's designed to pierce through a planet or star's outer crust/mantle and "suck" on the thermonuclear energy of it, allowing it to replenish energy into storage systems).
-1 Space compressing device.

These previous devices and systems also allow for the production of resources and liveable conditions, along with a direct link to earth

-1 TEAD, of 2.5 km calibre, capable of projecting solid shells or a beam of energy, firing through the bow, with solid core target piercing shells and soft core target shells.
-Forty, 1200 m calibre railguns, mounted in ten, quadruple gun turrets on the top and bottom decks, firing Armour piercing internal burst, or High Explosive nuclear shells.
-Sixteen, 900 m calibre railguns, mounted in eight, double gun turrets on the port and starboard surfaces, with 360 traverse vertically and 180 degree traverse laterally, firing Armour piercing internal burst or high explosive shells.
-Sixty four, 500 m calibre railguns, mounted in sixteen, quad gun turrets on port and starboard surfaces, with 360 traverse vertically and 180 degree traverse laterally, firing armour piercing, internal burst and cluster bomb airburst universal shells.
-Sixteen, 100 m calibre automatic railguns, mounted in four quadruple gun turrets on top deck, firing cluster bomb airburst universal shells, and armour piercing shells.
-thirty six, 10 m calibre gatling railguns, mounted in ten, triple gun turrets on top and bottom decks, firing cluster bomb airburst universal shells and armour piercing shells.
-Twenty four orbital bombardment tubes, 1500 m calibre, for launching terra forming equipment, landing craft, atmospheric and core burst ordnance and kinetic bombardment ordnance.

-As Detachment: From 8 to 10 infantry divisions, 8 armoured ones, 80 flight wings.
-As Crew: 250-750 thousand personnel, for military and civilian tasks.
-80 thousand artificial intelligences to aid with military tasks.
-10 thousand artificial intelligences to aid with civilian tasks.
-Extra capacity for 25 thousand civilian passengers.
-Capacity for foreign species.

The Run-Down:

After the Successes of the Albion class, rose a need for fully offensive and defensive ships, designed mainly for combat and defence with a minor focus on colonization, faster and more agile than the Albion class, also better armoured and heavier armed, it is planned for 8 ships.


-HMS Britannia
-HMS Queen Victoria
-HMS Inflexible
-HMS Invincible
-HMS Conqueror
-HMS Implacable
-HMS Victorious
-HMS Irresistible
Ugh, things been boring lately, need to find something new to do or someone to talk to or something...


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Born, went to school, fighting for the future and duelling with the present.

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