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Chinka MKI by milomike
Chinka MKI
The Chinka MKI‏
It's an anti-infantry tank‏

It's also a flame tank‏
Small‏(but tall)
And mass produced to all hell‏

Flamethrowers on the sides, front and back, main cannon is triple barreled, two lower barrels are flamethrowers, upper barrel is a normal cannon, tightly packed togeather‏
Aurumtech FV 4088 Cerberus MKII by milomike
Aurumtech FV 4088 Cerberus MKII
The MK II Cerberus, adapted for extraterrestrial and terrestrial service, features:

-Extra 25 mm of AT-505 and still-brew armour at all sides.
-20 mm of heat, and chemical resistant liner in between existing armour.
-Added 50 mm of AT-505 at turret sides, front, rear, and top
-OQF 6 inch (152 mm) Rail-gun/launcher, firing APSDS, HESH, HE-FRAG-I (Internal burst and air-burst), LRAT and LRAS Missiles, HE and Chemical rounds.
-Improved sights, sensors and scanners.
-One 16 cylinder Stirling-multi fuel engine, with a 20 mm thick AT-505 casement.
-magnetic suspension.
-reinforced road wheels.
-underwater life support, 1 week
-outer space life support 1 week
-larger turret, more space in hull for supplies.
-better heating/cooling systems.
Aurumtech FV4088 Cerberus by milomike
Aurumtech FV4088 Cerberus
A creation of Aurumtech UK, one of the most modern armoured vehicles of the era.

-Moulded AT-505
-150 mm front @ 15 degrees
-125 mm sides @ 45 degrees
-110 mm rear @ 15 degrees
-100 mm bottom @ 15 degrees V shape
-90 mm top flat angle
-75 mm spaced armour at crew and engine compartments, 50 mm from the hull.
-175 mm front @ 15, 45 and 60 degrees depending on zone
-125 mm sides @ 45 degrees
-150 mm rear @ 60 degrees
-110 mm top flat angle
-75 mm reinforcement at gun mantle, sights and sensors
-One, flat 16 cylinder multi-fuel engine, 1700 HP, 5790 Nm Torque @ 5000 rpm
-Two, 220 V electric motors, 200 HP each.
-8 speed robotised, dual clutch gearbox, 5 forward, 2 backwards, 1 dual direction overdrive/steer.
-hydro-pneumatic suspension.
-6, moulded AT-505 road-wheels
-4, moulded AT-505 return rollers
-Moulded AT-505 drive sprockets and tensor wheels
-Forged AT-505 double pin live tracks.
-Maximum speed 80 Km/h road, 65 Km/h off-road, 30 km/h underwater (30 minute maximum)
-1, 120 mm rail-gun/launcher firing APSDS, HE-FRAG-I (internal burst or air burst, LRAT (Long Range, Anti Tank) and LRAS (Long Range, Anti structure) missiles, assisted by hydraulic rammer.
-1, 15 mm MK gatling gun in remote control turret.
-2, 15 mm MK machine-guns, AA mount and co-axial gun.
-Active Denial System
-Hard-kill tesla coil system.
-Commander (Turret, rear right)
-Gunner (turret, mid right, low)
-Operator/loader (Turret, mid-rear turret, left)
-Driver (front hull)
-2 AI for gunnery and driving (1 extra AI in command tanks for tactic, strategy and logistics)
-1 low-high frequency radio, 50 km radius.
-1 satellite radio.
-1 low frequency radio, 10 km radius.
-TOGS (Thermal Observation Gunnery System)
-thermoadaptive and photoadaptive cloaking.
-full NBC protection.
-Boiling Vessel.
-Heating and cooling.
-Quite comfortable.
-2.80 m tall without remote turrets.
-7 m long.
-3 m wide.
TDecker MKII by milomike
TDecker MKII
First, non-official commissioned vehicle.

"Name: The Tabledecker Mk2
5M wide, 3.75M tall and 7.35M long
It's twin main cannon, is in-bedded into the upper hull which can spin freely.
The main cannons have a radius of 50Cm and fire shells that explode on impact, sending acid out in a 17M range
It's twin turrets on top of it, have twin barrels, which have a radius of 10Cm, these fire frag shells, which explode 10 seconds after impact
In-between these barrels, is a gatling gun, which fire electrically charged rounds.
Towards the rear of the hull, in-between the twin turrets, is a mortar cannon, which fires jellynades-an explosive that sticks to its target, and explodes into smaller explosives.
The mortar cannon can also spin freely.
There is a black spiked plough on the front, as wide as the tank.
It is powered by a twin F generator which converts matter directly into energy, and ammunition, mounted in the middle of the tank.
The twin F generator also powers a strong forcefield, and a structural stability generator."
Aurumtech HIMG by milomike
Aurumtech HIMG
A Heavy Infantry Machinegun, operating with 7,92 x 57 mm railgun cartridge, firing at 500-600 rounds per minute, can be mounted on light vehicles or deployed to use with heavy infantry, available with heavy duty 500 round drums, and 150 round bags.
Ugh, things been boring lately, need to find something new to do or someone to talk to or something...


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