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It's another day
But not the same
It's the day when to the world you came
With a bright smile you arrived to stay

To celebrate and commemorate
This important and cheerful date
So with a smile life's gift you can take
Have some sweets and have some cake

Fill your heart with glee
Soon you'll see
The gifts will rain
And many hugs obtain

So here you stand just sixteen
Many wonders you have seen
Happy birthday from the heart
Let the celebration start.
I'm back home
But nothing's the same
After that love that left like it came
I don't know if I can keep sane

Thinking of a love now gone
While my heart takes it's time to turn to stone
Come to think of what I've done
Collect myself and fears have none

Only time will tell
If I will make it through this hell
If I make it sane and well
Or if in pain I'll dwell
These emotions
These feelings
Because of my decisions
Because of my demons

Loneliness and loss
Sadness, I feel under a cross
Emptiness, no warmth or affection
A fear come true, fear of rejection

My heart still beats but with what purpose
My mind still thinks but with what use
Unloved and unwanted, who wouldn't refuse
Who could love such a mistake, who could love a short fuse

Stand by myself and no one else
No one to love and no one to share
With these thoughts I delve
I don't know how I will fare.
I can take a lot, face many things, but the feeling of loneliness, the lack of love or someone special, seems I finally know what makes me crumble.
Where oh where would be the maiden
Where oh where would be warmth and love
Where oh where would be the one beautiful as a dove
Where oh where would be she whose arms a peaceful haven

When most seek insignificant relation
When most seek just a face
When many will vanish without trace
When many will ask for cold attention

Why are they so rare
Ladies with love in their eyes
Ladies with affection in their stare
Why are so hard to find across miles

When will it be the time to find
The one with a heart kind

When will it be time to meet
The one with a smile sweet

Who knows one can only wait
Who knows one can only keep faith.
Where, why, when.
On the hills they bled
To battle they were led
Artillery they fed
On the hills the blood runs red

Life was gun and a bayonet
Volunteered at sixteen
Now eighteen with deep regret
God forgive what he has done and seen

In the mud, blood and wire
Within the lead, shrapnel and fire
With pain meeting death's glare
In his mind it was all a dare

On the hills they charged
For a mile they battled
Machineguns they faced
On the hills they died.
On the hills.
Looking back 100 years.
Ugh, things been boring lately, need to find something new to do or someone to talk to or something...


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Born, went to school, fighting for the future and duelling with the present.

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