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Aurumtech FV-4088 Cerberus MKV by milomike
Aurumtech FV-4088 Cerberus MKV
Fifth mark of the Cerberus MBT, combining the best of the MK IV and MK III with updated technology, concentrated around the crew with some firepower and mobility upgrades.

Moulded  AT-400 (Graphene-Coltan-Titanium) and AT-505 (Graphene-Steel-kevlar)
(All angles given respective to the X axis)
-175 mm front, Upper Glacis @ 30 degrees, Lower Glacis @ 45 degrees.
-115 mm sides, Upper Glacis @ 45 degrees, Lower Glacis @ 75 degrees.
-150 mm rear  Upper glacis @ 75 degrees, Lower Glacis @ 75 degrees
-115 mm bottom (15 degree V shape hull).
-125 mm top (15 degree inverted V shape)
-30 mm thick six piece side skirts, 150 mm from tracks.
-75 mm thick blocks of AT-505 attached to side skirts, angles vary  45-75 mm
-20 mm of internal spall liner

This Design leaves no flat surfaces to fire at, except for the side skirts, the blocks on them varying angles, disrupting radar profile, the Graphene itself being capable of absorbing 15% of radar waves and 5% of sonar waves, also great at keeping radiated heat from the vehicle at a minimum.

Moulded AT-400 and AT-505
(All angles given respective to the X axis)
-180 mm front @ 45 degrees
-140 mm sides @ 60 degrees
-150 mm rear @ 75 degrees
-75 mm thick gun mantle @ 45 degrees
-30 mm thick four piece side armour 100 mm from turret
-75 mm thick blocks of AT-505 attached to side armour, angles vary 45-75mm
-25 mm of internal spall liner.
-100 mm thick division between radio compartment and fighting compartment, AT-505 with 10 mm of spall liner.

The new Turret is larger, to accommodate the several improvements and crew space is increased, up armoured with better composition.


-New L41 5.5 in calibre rifled rail gun, firing UHEF, UHEF-I, APFSDS, along with LRAT, LRAS and LRAA missiles, all rounds fired by three different propellant charges, being 1/3, 2/3, and 3/3 full charge, in cylindrical 5.5 in diameter 30 mm length cartridges containing the energy required for the rail gun to fire, said cartridges can be fired alone, resulting in the gun firing an EMP blast at 1/3 charge, concentrated plasma at 2/3 charge and both EMP and plasma at 3/3 full charge, each cartridge comes in blue for 1/3 charge, red for 2/3 and black for 3/3 charge.
-Six 105 mm side-loading mortars, positioned at the rear of the turret, fed automatically by a magazine, firing UHEF, HE, Flares, light drones, and Thermobaric Incendiary.

-New Multi fuel 25 litre displacement engine, 14 cyl double flat hemispherical, 2100 HP, 6500 nm Torque @ 5000 rpm.
-New gear box, 6 speeds forward, 1 bi-directional load-overdrive gear, two speeds backwards.
-Updated suspension, giving it an 85 ton load to a 65 ton vehicle.

No changes are seen in the top speed values, but the new engine is more rugged, and more capable of pushing this vehicle up hills and through rough terrain, along with the capability of pulling more weight, and carrying it as well with the new suspension.

New Features:
-Updated BV, divided into two compartments, one 20x30x30 cm, the other one 20x20x20 cm.
-crew seats reclinable to 45 degrees back, allowing to sleep in the turret
-Improved, more comfortable seats, allow for prolonged operation of vehicle, reduces possible neck and back problems for the crew.
-Access hatch connecting the driver and fighting compartments allows for quick transit between positions.
-Loader assist achieved by hydraulic rammer, and a three stack magazine with 45 propellant charges, 15 of each type, other 60 are stored in dimentional storage below turret basket.
-Improvement of adaptive camouflage and ADS
-Extra dimensional storage containing rations, and water.
-Improved Gunnery and Navigation AI, Added a Command/Engineer AI to complement both Commander and Driver, and provide coordination with fired drones.
-the Crew gets to choose what ammunition load to take for different assignments.
-Rapid stock systems allow for refuelling, and re stocking ammunition and charges quickly on battlefield.
Aurumtech Wpanzer  by milomike
Aurumtech Wpanzer
Aurumtech Prototype of a Walking Armoured Vehicle, WAV.

Bi pedal armoured vehicle, for use in mountainous terrain and urban environments, the top section can rotate 360 degrees on the hip structure.


Moulded AT-505

-75 mm front, 50 mm sides, 60 mm rear, 50 mm top, 60 mm bottom
-Added 45 mm of armour around crew and power compartment and traverse rings
-Added 30 mm around legs, joints, hip.


-Chin mounted 20 mm A-HWS, 150 to the left and to the right, 45 degree depression, 45 degree elevation.

-Side mounted 88 mm short rail system cannons l/55, firing UHEF (Universal High Explosive Fragmentation), APSDS and HED (High Explosive Demolition), 45 degrees depression, 60 degrees elevation.

-Side mounted 15 mm A-HWS, two per side, Left Side: 45 degrees traverse to the left, 5 degrees traverse to the right, 180 degrees depression, 180 degrees elevation; Right side: 45 Degrees traverse to the right, 5 degrees traverse to the left, 180 degrees depression and 180 degrees elevation.

-Top mounted, independent acting 20 mm A-HWS, in a twin turret way, for AA and Anti-infantry purposes, 180 degree traverse outwards, 45 degree traverse inwards, elevation up to 80 degrees.

-Top mounted 4 barrel launcher, for LRAT, LRAS and Thermobaric munitions.

-Rear Mounted single barrel 105 mm mortar, with an assortment of ammunition from flares, chaff, incendiary, UHEF, and reconnaisance short range drones.

-ADS system

-The Vehicle can act as a tesla coil, capable of mine clearing, stopping incoming missiles and low velocity ordnance, as well as anti-infantry use.


-Hydrogen reactor, 950 Kw output
-Heavy duty Servo electrical motors, assisted by hydraulics.


-Commander/gunner (Controls top 20 mm guns and launchers)
-Gunner/machinegunner (Controls side 88mm guns, side 15 mm guns, rear 105 mm mortar)
-Driver (controls the movement of the vehicle, and chin mounted 20 mm)

-8 m tall
-5 m wide (3 m wide without cannons and machineguns)
-15 ton weight
To battle we ride
Shoulder to shoulder
Head on fire
Magnificent wonder

Blade by blade
Gun by gun
Lives we take
Nowhere to run

Machines of war
Spread out far
Cold hard steel
Triumph of will

Our banner flies
Free of the lies
The sun shines bright
A path of light
We fight
on Comission by the 1st NANSAP, 88th "Hammer" division.
You always take and never give
Always ran and never faced
You said you cared and said you loved
Then proved that lies and proved that false

You always talk but never listen
Always shouted and never heard
You always hurt and rarely helped
Then did that time and time again

You always negated
You always ran
Who else your problems faced?
Who else had to stand?

You always insulted and never apologized
Always deaf and always blind
You said you were sorry and you said it'd never happen again
Then it'd happen by your hand and I were blamed

Your problems I had to solve
Mine problems you laughed upon
You pretend nothing's wrong and then negate
Mine were your burdens, to you it must have been fun

Now you run
Now you leave
Pretend to do and pretend to hear
Excuse yourself behind coward's fear
You had your fun
You had your tease

You took and laughed
Time you plundered
Health you shortened
Life you hindered

So it went and so it ends
One year of helping
One year of worrying
So it burns and so it hurts

Beware the weak of heart
His love is not to last
Beware of the heart breaker
Beware of Julian Baker.
You always.
It's sad to have done so much, and getting so little.
Aurumtech PzKpfW V Ausf C Royal Leopard by milomike
Aurumtech PzKpfW V Ausf C Royal Leopard
The Third update of the Royal Leopard vehicle.

Turret: Larger, more spacious, 90 mm of extra armour at the front, 40 extra at the sides, 50 at the rear, spaced 20 mm of armour on side panels, gun mantle spaced 100 mm from main turret plate, 125 mm thick.

Chassis: enlarged turret ring, 75 mm frontal extra armour, 40 sides and 40 rear, added side-skirts 50 mm thick, enlarged dimensions.

Firepower: new 128 mm railgun, firing Universal rounds, regular, incendiary and tungsten shrapnel, APSDS, LRAT, LRAS, LRAA missiles, smoke, and flares, feeding from a single magazine, similar to an armoured citadel found in battleships.
changed machineguns to one co-axial 20 mm AHWS, two on AA mounts on turret, 15 mm and 20 mm, removed hull mounted machinegun.

-AAx 12 cylinder axial multi fuel engine, 2100 hp, 3500 nm torque @ 4500 RPM.
- four electric motors, 150 hp, 1200 nm torque each.
-12 speed transmission, three backwards, one neutral, one torque/cargo gear, seven forward.
-75 km/h on road max speed, 50 km/h off road, 30 km/h underwater.
-belleville washer graphene suspension.

-enhanced protection from nuclear, biological and chemical weaponry.
-life support underwater, or in outer space for up to a month.
-acommodations allow crew to sleep inside.
-updated AIs.
-one extra roadwheel, one extra return roller.
-all armour changed to graphene-ballistic cermet, with inert inserts and spall liner.
-better radios and signal systems.
Ugh, things been boring lately, need to find something new to do or someone to talk to or something...


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Born, went to school, fighting for the future and duelling with the present.

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