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I know that those who know me are aware that I tend to joke a lot about France, specially in the military topic, this being the occasion, I must mention that witnessing a country so rich in culture and history, being reduced to uselessness because of "Cultural Enrichment" and "Political correctness" is not only sad, but also disappointing, that country which Mexico learned so much from, suffering such disgrace, as for recently it sees itself in the inferno of invasion by an entity which claims peace, but only gives proof of the opposite, thus, my deepest condolences, to that country which once was an empire of magnitude, which revolutionized art and science, that country which paid the terrible price for fighting tyranny during two world wars, while others merely watched, that country with the most beautiful National Anthem, wake up France, please, wake up.
Vive la France.
Would you sell your soul
The better
To escape this hell
Become greater

To wear a suit and tie
To let go than rather die
To stop believing in the lie
To stop hearing the cries

Our souls shall be freed
As we speak of the creed
An oath to ourselves
In our spine delves

To teach our hearts, to ignore the starvation
To escape the trap, of love and affection
To see clear, the realization
This fallacy, this cruel creation

Then let us be
The ones to lead
For it is we
The ones who bleed

And by our hand
Across the land
We lead the nations
With iron will, determination

Then one by one
Everyone will learn
What is and what not
To stop to yearn
To do what has to be done
The arteries of the illusion clot

Then hear us world
That love is dead
And so is the lord
We are alone, we are unfed

Shall colour drain
No rose stain
No blue sky and sea
Through this plea

No more heartbreak
No more fear
Nothing to hold dear
Nothing that is weak.
Facing reality.
Wear your crown like a prince
Stand tall forever since
Like the lake like snow
Fill the world with your glow

Be it with a smile
Be it with a stare
Take your heart may he who dare
Give eternity without words vile

Forge a brotherhood and be at it's core
Queens and kings, welcome at your grace
Head held high, be the centre of adore
The world in your embrace

Follow with your temper like the weather
Be the storm or be the lightning
A hurricane, or a gale that soars the feather
Be whatever, a sun shining.
Under a bright moon pretty
Standing there in all her beauty
Listen to her heart there beating
See her eyes there in the light shining

Why is this spell
That makes me dwell
On your sight, on your presence
All pure in it's essence

Be it a charm
Be it a curse
Where you step hearts grow warm
Where you wander the feelings will course

Then keep your path, by the light
See the angels by your side
Across the lands far and wide
Keep your path, shining bright.
The Following Series will follow the events that occurred in a world like ours, be then, their story told.

-The Emperor, Leightswan
-The Angel, Florian
-The Earl, Lord Mannfred
-The Duke, Lord Reyrick
-The General, Sir Allesander
-A Medic
-A Guard
-The King, Hellfrick
-The Queen, Rosayerina
-The Prince, Alastor
-An assassin.
-The Messenger, Jano.
-The Ancestor.

Act 1 (in the Emperor's fortress, in his nation, neighbouring the King's nation).

-The Emperor: (sitting behind a desk, suited in a militarized suit and tie) Curse this destiny, bereft of all light and fortune, whom both laugh at the brotherhood of man, illness...

-A Medic: It is true, an illness, it is our concern for his Majesty...
(Enter The Earl, The Duke, and The General)

-The General: my friend, his majesty, we bring news.

-The Earl: It seems, may we speak, that we find trouble, one of our messengers had an altercation with a guard from our eternal neighbours, those whom we share borders, language, art and beauty with, they find themselves offended...

-The Duke: the messenger's life has been spared and saved, yet, our cousins hold offence.

-The General: We request, preparations to be made, for the guard could succumb to his wounds any time soon, our armies are listening.

-The Emperor: then make preparations, should we go to war.

-The General: As you wish, my friend. (leaves, The Duke, and The Earl follow)

-The Emperor: Illness and war...leave me to my thoughts, medic.

A Medic: As you wish, your majesty. (Leaves)
Play Project, Scene 1
Small play project
Ugh, things been boring lately, need to find something new to do or someone to talk to or something...


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